City of Arrabar

Damarran Embassy Hijinx, I

With Karv not in attendance, Lihon, Wanda and Darkpaw decide to strike out on their own to the new Damarran embassy and stir up some trouble. The plan is this – Wanda will bring some of her new gang to try and steal goodies from crates of goods coming to the embassy, Darkpaw will break into the building proper and look through any files and documents she can find and Lihon will post himself in the dark nearby where he can quickly respond if signaled or needed. In addition, both Wanda and Darkpaw carried Scraps of cloth with the emblem of a gang whose territory the embassy is in which Wanda decides to scapegoat – The High Street Elites.

All starts well…. Lihon takes up position while Darkpaw and Wanda (+ crew) have no difficulties avoiding the token guards posted at either end of the property. Darkpaw makes her way into the residence to start searching while Wanda+ get to the stables and start opening crates. Wanda quickly finds some things which pique her interest:
– a set of stamps, along with inks and seals, for marking official communiques from the embassy,
– a crate of potions,
– some key pieces of the official china pattern for the embassy.
Wanda gathers these together with her henchmen and start to make her way back out.

Suddenly, a twisted root trips one of the henchmen carrying the crate of potions. Amid the sound of breaking glass, the guards realize that something is wrong and spring into action! As does Lihon.

Lihon activates his famous shield of light and effectively blinds the nearest guards as well as holding their attention as he imitates a drunken fighter. Wanda and her people make it over the wall as Darkpaw quietly exits the building and brings some interesting files with her. Once her henchmen are safely over the wall and headed out, Wanda comes back to lure the guards in a different direction. She and Darkpaw let the guards see them just as they escape and drop their cloth scraps with the West Side Sharks emblems. Lihon likewise fades into the night.

Back home, reviewing their take, some decisions are made. Wanda will sell the china and silverware pieces at a commoner’s market the party will share the potions. The documents and stamps will be hidden. And she and Darkpaw will start hunting the leader of the West Side Sharks, an elf named Dharvek.

Arrabar Goings On, 11th level
  •  Story Progression  ***

The yearly Festival of Renewal in Arrabar was an unqualified success. King Johan Wianar revealed the complete Rod of Rulership to the people for the first time in over two hundred years, quelling rumors that he could not prove his right to rule the city. Additionally, he announced his betrothal to one Mesmora Laceweave, Princess of Damara (a monarchy very far to the north, beyond The Sea Of Fallen Stars), niece of King Yarin Frostmantle. The union is seen as one borne of political alliance though the bride to be is reputed to be exceptionally beautiful and trained in the minstrel arts. Critics of King Wianar claim the marriage was hastily arranged to lend him some shred of credibility and ‘royal’ standing with other nations before he knew that his ‘mercenaries’ would succeed in recovering the pieces of the Rod. In the weeks following the announcement, Damara has established an embassy and trading company.  

  • Background info on Damara  **
    Damara is known to be populated by hearty plainsmen who raise fine wheats and grains during the short growing season. However, it is still recovering from a recent war with Vaasa to the west. King Frostmantle is widely believed to have murdered his predecessor before his ascension to the throne some 20 years ago. Impiltur to their south is known to be highly unstable with frequent trouble from some sort of demon cult. Narfell to the east is stable and peaceful though the denizens of the Dunwood forest (between the two nations) are frequent raiders and brigands disrupting traffic between Damara and the nearest large port, Uthmere.

Those with more intimate knowledge of the country (and of the area) know that Damara is allied with/controlled by The Zhentarim, a fanatical evil organization with links to Bane and Cyric. 

Lihon Suojakilpi, the leader of The Red Lightning, an adventuring group of some renown in Arrabar and surrounding areas, has been appointed as a Sheriff of Arrabar, attached to the military command of the city. The Red Lightning have been prominently mentioned in connection with the recent recoveries of the Rod of Rulership. It is not known if the appointment is a ceremonial position or what duties will be assigned to it. Additionally, another Red Lightning – Paladin Karv of Oghma – has accepted a position as an advisor to the King’s Vizier, Runther the Great. As Runther is known to be disinterested in politics or the machinations at court (hence his nickname, Runther the Scowler), this position must be based on merit. 

Those with connections to the more shadowy figures in the city have been gossiping about the unexplained disappearance of the head of one of the local mob gangs, one Bernard “Roof Runner” Mirador, head of the High Street Elites. One of his former captains, known only as ‘Wanda’ has stepped into the leadership vacuum. Various rumors about ‘Wanda’ detail her activities as an assassin, a mercenary, an adventurer, a mole working for King Wianar or a spy with the Damara embassy. Rival gangs looking to expand their turf at the Elites expense are watching carefully. And the city guard has recently started asking questions about Wanda in areas known to be hubs of criminal activity.

  •  Game Rule Progression:  ***
    First up, a great injustice has been corrected – the potion of cure light wounds is back!!!

Potion of Cure Light Wounds   Cost: 20 GP
Level 1 Consumable: potion         Minor action to consume
Effect: You drink the potion. If you have a healing surge, you must spend one. If you are bloodied and don’t have any healing surges, you still regain the hit points. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 1d8+1 hit points. If you have no surges but are not bloodied, there is no effect. 

Cure Moderate Wounds     Cost: 200 GP   Level 10
As Potion of Cure Light Wounds, but you regain 2d8+10 hit points. 

Cure Critical Wounds     Cost: 5000 GP   Level 20
As Potion of Cure Light Wounds, but you regain 3d8+20 hit points. 

Potion of Heal     Cost: 125,000 GP     Level 30
As Potion of Cure Light Wounds, but you regain 4d8+30 hit points. 

Magic Items will now be handled/acquired in a non-standard way. Any item of 10th level or below is commonly available excepting those listed as rare or items which are artifacts. Any items of level 11 or higher is considered unavailable except the following:

  • those with only a simple magic enhancement, i.e. +3, +4, +5, etc. 
  • any Dwarven armor (which is now expanded to include every armor type), 
  • any Cloak of Resistance
  • any potion

Items with more interesting enchantments do exist (and are highly prized/rarely sold) but also can be made by persons of sufficient skill, but they require more effort and more exotic ingredients than merely enhanced items. When commissioning a high level item, characters will have to undertake searches for those ingredients or complete specific rituals or tasks to complete the process of creation.

Here’s an example: Lihon currently owns a Lightning Bastard Sword +2, a 10th level item. He can upgrade it to a +3 Bastard Sword (11th level) just by paying the difference in cost (4000 GP). But to upgrade it to a Lightning Bastard Sword +3 (15th level), he’ll have to do more than just pay the difference (20K GP in this case). He will have to obtain some ingredients or complete a task of some kind to fully complete the magic ritual which upgrades the weapon. It will behave just like his 10th level weapon in the meantime.

Who is Enzo and why does he want us dead??

The party must stop to consider – who is Enzo and why does it appear that he wants them dead?

They found a scrap of paper in the pocket of the halfling mage leading the thugs who attacked them in the street – it said only, “Enzo, The Lecherous Unicorn”.

Finding the Lecherous Unicorn, they went inside to look over the crowd. As it was almost 4 AM, there weren’t many people inside. One who quickly drew their attention was a small fellow sitting by himself, nervously fidgeting and repeatedly glancing at the front door. Wanda tried approaching him with a cum-hither glance and her comely appearance, but to no avail. Baelanor then approached the man and ‘helped’ him, removing Wanda from his presence and returning to talk. Enzo quickly and willingly blurts out that he sure could use some help of somebody strong and capable if his friend doesn’t show up soon! They agree to meet again after sundown here at the bar. Everyone leaves separately.

The next evening, Enzo is quite happy to see Baelanor again and attempts to hire him in a none-too-subtle manner. It becomes obvious that he is indeed trying the get the party killed though he doesn’t really know who they are. His introduction is quite a shock as the group drags him out the back door to have a talk with him. He quickly spills everything he knows about the secret cult he’s desperate to join, even without knowing who the cult follows. He gives out the location of the secret meeting place all too easily and runs for the hills when Trayton suggests he leave town forever.

The party makes their way to the location given and successfully bypasses the locked back door. They find a house covered in dust except near the back entrance. Looking about, the stairs downward beckon to them.

After the last killing blow, the party finds themselves in a strange workshop indeed. There are three strangely glowing sets of runes and incantations spread out on the floor of this room, along with a workbench and several large bookshelves.

Looking around, you find some documents which are obviously written processes for animating dead corpses. The rituals require at least one, though sometimes several fairly fresh corpses to create one horrible unliving creation and your stomach turns at the description of the process. While the documents specifically describe appealing to a deity for the unholy power to raise these horrific creatures, they don’t specify exactly who will hear those appeals.

The bookshelves contain record scrolls of many previous experiments, most failures, some partially successful and the most recent indicating a mastery over the process.

Scattered around the room, you can assemble spell/ritual components worth about 50 gp, usable for any ritual.

XP: 180 each.

The deep darkness of the hallway releases the sound of a scream of terror from a living throat. What terror still awaits you???? X.P. earned: 900 total, 180 each.

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