City of Arrabar

Damarran Embassy Wrap Up (whole party)

What happens after last session?

  • In order to save his own life, Mickey details how & why the burglary was accomplished as well as who told him about the secret entrance.
  • Sticky Mickey is secretly escorted to the gates of the city and set free, never to return under pain of death if anybody associated with the High Street Elites finds him.
  • The official seals and inks are returned to the Damarrans, who are quite grateful for their safe return, by the commander of the City Guard. (The Red Lightning is not mentioned.) Lihon’s buddy in the guard gets a promotion (to Master Sergeant) for having found the outlaws’ hiding place.
  • Members of the West Side Sharks are found to have committed the theft. Regrettably, most of those responsible were slain resisting arrest. At least it saves the kingdom the trouble of effecting their sentences after they were found guilty.
  • A considerable amount of Platinum Pieces were found in the house and distributed amongst the party. A couple of items are also found by the party.
  • Sir Jornant speaks with all the members of the Red Lightning who will meet with him. He thanks them for their efforts to apprehend the guilty parties. Too bad we didn’t find Sticky Mickey, but if the guard ever finds him, he’ll regret it, having been convicted in absentia.
  • Princess Laceweave will arrive in the city and greet the people publicly tomorrow.

XP for the party: 8000 points/2000 points each.



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