City of Arrabar

Damarran Embassy Hijinx, V (End)

Finishing the fight from last session, our heroes engage in some creative activities….

  • Lihon manages to spirit Sticky Mickey away from the battlefield and hide him in the secret basement hideout. Despite his attempts at Intimidation, Mickey remains defiant and won’t talk.
  • Darkpaw takes off once the Damarran stamps are found to talk with Viktor. Delivering the news that the missing items have been found, Viktor is pleased, but still restrained. Darkpaw comes to understand that he will not ever truly trust her, though perhaps he will work with her for special tasks.
  • Karv and Wanda are left to search the house thoroughly. Wanda finds an elaborate fire trap system in the basement with plenty of extra fuel sitting around waiting to go up in flames. Despite her best efforts, the entire building is engulfed in flames at one point, raising questions from the fire marshal about their activities in the building in the wee hours of the morning. But they persevere and manage to disable the system then open the locked secret room beyond it. Inside, they find money and items which Mickey obviously used to move about in disguise. They turn in a couple of items and the stamps to the proper authorities.

Assembling back at the house, the group decides to let Wanda & Karv deal with Mickey. With their earnest bargaining, he agrees to answer questions in return for being released at the city gates with the understanding that he will be killed should he return. But he makes another side deal with Darkpaw & Wanda – he will show them how to find Dharvek’s hidden treasure stash in return for 1/3rd of the contents. They agree and he leads them to it. They hold up their end of the bargain and run him out of town alive.

XP Awarded: 8000 points for the group/2000 each.



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