City of Arrabar

Damarran Embassy Hijinx, IV

With plenty of information to work with, our heroes chase down their leads:

  • Lihon & Karv return to speak with the Squire. He is much calmer on this occasion and apologizes for his behavior previously. Several things are established –
    1) The Squire does not actually suspect our heroes.
    2) The Squire has not shown the King the documents.
    3) The Squire will not say how he got the documents, only that they appear to be genuine, no matter their actual history.
  • Darkpaw meets with Viktor again. He remains wary of her, though he has asked her to run some errands for him. When she confronts him, he admits that it is very unlikely that he will ever trust her – she claims to want to put her skills to use, but not for the local government or the underworld. He asks about her wanting to work instead for his government. Her motivations seem not to convince him of anything. But, he says, as thanks for the documents she has retrieved, he will tell her the probable location of a member of the West Side Sharks in hiding. He only asks that she let him know of any other Damarran property she comes across. He mentions the stamps, but comments that they are being replaced anyway.
  • Wanda’s gang is moving into ‘Sharks territory with mixed results. Ponze can’t readily get takers for the protection rackets as people are unsure which gang will be there. But Ricdak hasn’t tried to sell any – he’s just committing burglaries as fast as he can, figuring people who have been paying protection feel safe and have lots of stuff to swipe. Damarius is moving in slowly and tracking the remaining ’Sharks.
  • Lihon replies to COL Lurshall that the group can take the outside mission in a couple of days.
  • Wanda gets the whole gang together for a surprise meet with one of the two remaining Shark made men – Squeaky, who runs a large gambling joint. With Lihon and Karv impersonating enthusiastic eaters and Darkpaw gambling a bit, Wanda passes a skill challenge of smooth persuasion and convinced Squeaky to join up. He promises to have Kemmar, the last holdout, come in to talk with her.
  • Darkpaw leads everyone to the address given to her by Viktor. Lihon alerts his friend in the guard while Wanda arranges for backup by Demarius. Battle is joined and the session ends mid-fight!



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