City of Arrabar

Damarran Embassy Hijinx, III

Our intrepid adventurers then spent time working on several initiatives -

  • Darkpaw has met with a person known to her only as Viktor, who works for the Damarran embassy staff in some sort of capacity. She gave him documents which she told Viktor she gathered from Dharvek, the person who led the burglary. Viktor was appreciative, but reluctant. He expressed interest in any other stolen items she might be able to recover. Darkpaw may have gained an important clue about him when she was trying to impress him.
  • Karv & Lihon, through some gifted (some might say damned skillful) boozing around, found out that the West Side Sharks lost a good third of their people in the ill fated ambush which Jolly led. The second in command of the ‘Sharks, named Lumas, hasn’t been seen at all lately while the number three man, Sticky Mickey, has been seen only sporadically in the last couple of weeks.
  • Wanda met with the leader of the Crypt Kings. He wanted to discuss the idea of a cooperative partnership/merger with the High Street Elites (to both expand into profitable territories + avoid a hostile takeover by the High Street Elites). What luck! Wanda needs some extra people to help her consolidate the territory of the West Side Sharks. They strike a bargain whereby he becomes one of her lieutenants and has responsibility for about a third of the ’Sharks old territory.
  • Wanda gets a visit from a gruff human named Sullivan who works for the Hadrhune. He informs her that she’s late for last month’s AND this month’s payments, totaling 2000 GP. He tells her where these payments are to be delivered normally and advises her that she does not want him to have to come back. Her men seem to know Sullivan by reputation and agree. Wanda checks her funds and sees that her people have brought her 1800 GP. She sets her #2 to the task of finding another 200 from her crew and getting it delivered. Wanda actually paid the full 2000 GP to Sullivan herself on the spot – 1800 in coin from her gang, 100 in coin from her pocket and 100 in a pair of earrings Sullivan indicated would cover the balance. Wanda estimates those earrings were actually worth much more than 100 GP.
  • Lihon receives a message from COL Lurshall – “Threat from Feywild is real, please advise if Red Lightning is available to investigate.”
  • Wanda has already taken the preliminary step of asking her people to quietly patrol the area around the house. There’s no direct cost for this, but there may be a loss of productivity in their earnings.



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