City of Arrabar

Damarran Embassy Hijinx, II

As the session opens, Lihon, as Leader of the Red Lightnings, is summoned by Sir Jornant, the King’s Squire. He angrily confronts Lihon and Karv with a secret communique from the Damarran embassy to their home office with asks for guidance in dealing with an extortion attempt. The document appears to be completely genuine based on the stamps and seals. Additionally, there is a note, written in a woman’s hand, which appears to subtly demand gems in return for protection for the embassy from firebombing. It includes an emblem with the distinctive Red Lightning thunderbolt and the name High Street Elites. Lihon & Karv are shocked and stunned. They protest the innocence of the Red Lightnings in any part of events at the embassy. The Squire emphatically demands that Lihon and Karv produce evidence of who is actually responsible and that those parties not be dead. Karv makes some notes about the handwriting on the note.

The two return to the house to relate the accusation to the rest of the group. Wanda checks her secret hiding room in the basement and finds that the new emblem she created (but never used), as described above, is gone. Also missing are the stamps and inks which were stolen from the embassy along with her personal fortune of 53 PP. Wanda leads everyone down to the secret hiding room in the basement, which Lihon & Karv knew nothing about, to show what has been taken. Lihon also find that his 57 PP are missing as well. Darkpaw investigates and finds traces of muck and goo from the sewers, indicating that the thief came in through the sewer entrance.

Recriminations fester….

After much discussion about next steps, the four heroes step out their front door to begin investigations, only to find an ambush on their doorstep.

A group of thugs has set an ambush and their leader summons a demon to fight for them. The party makes quick work of the whole bunch (several escape) and manage to defeat the demon and capture the leader, known as Jolly. He admits to staging the whole attack to target Wanda for death in revenge for the killing of Dharvek and buying a scroll from a wizard in order to summon the demon. The guard arrives quickly and haul him, a known criminal from the West Side Sharks, off to jail.



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