City of Arrabar

Damarran Embassy Hijinx, I

With Karv not in attendance, Lihon, Wanda and Darkpaw decide to strike out on their own to the new Damarran embassy and stir up some trouble. The plan is this – Wanda will bring some of her new gang to try and steal goodies from crates of goods coming to the embassy, Darkpaw will break into the building proper and look through any files and documents she can find and Lihon will post himself in the dark nearby where he can quickly respond if signaled or needed. In addition, both Wanda and Darkpaw carried Scraps of cloth with the emblem of a gang whose territory the embassy is in which Wanda decides to scapegoat – The High Street Elites.

All starts well…. Lihon takes up position while Darkpaw and Wanda (+ crew) have no difficulties avoiding the token guards posted at either end of the property. Darkpaw makes her way into the residence to start searching while Wanda+ get to the stables and start opening crates. Wanda quickly finds some things which pique her interest:
– a set of stamps, along with inks and seals, for marking official communiques from the embassy,
– a crate of potions,
– some key pieces of the official china pattern for the embassy.
Wanda gathers these together with her henchmen and start to make her way back out.

Suddenly, a twisted root trips one of the henchmen carrying the crate of potions. Amid the sound of breaking glass, the guards realize that something is wrong and spring into action! As does Lihon.

Lihon activates his famous shield of light and effectively blinds the nearest guards as well as holding their attention as he imitates a drunken fighter. Wanda and her people make it over the wall as Darkpaw quietly exits the building and brings some interesting files with her. Once her henchmen are safely over the wall and headed out, Wanda comes back to lure the guards in a different direction. She and Darkpaw let the guards see them just as they escape and drop their cloth scraps with the West Side Sharks emblems. Lihon likewise fades into the night.

Back home, reviewing their take, some decisions are made. Wanda will sell the china and silverware pieces at a commoner’s market the party will share the potions. The documents and stamps will be hidden. And she and Darkpaw will start hunting the leader of the West Side Sharks, an elf named Dharvek.



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